Two photographers every time

We photograph all our weddings together, and lots of our events too. We get dressed up for weddings!

About us

We’ve both been photographing weddings for the last fifteen years. We really enjoyed doing wedding photography together and in 2008 we made the decision that we’d photograph all our weddings together. Doing it like this means that we have a much better chance of capturing as much as possible of the wedding day.

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We think you’d find that having two wedding photographers works really well, there are two of us to set up group shots, this makes the taking of formal photographs, such as large groups and family group go very smoothly and a bit faster than with only one photographer.

We are both able to keep an eye out for small details that may really make a difference.

We’d love to meet you and show you some of our wedding photography 

Phone us on 01923 350596 or on John’s mobile 0777 999 1551