Ten reasons to choose us

Ten reasons that we may be the wedding photographers for you

To help you to decide on your wedding photographer, here are some things that have been important for some of our brides and grooms. Some of these are comments that friends and families have given too.

– •  1  • –

There’s two of us every time, for your whole wedding day – whether it’s a ceremony, half day or all day package.

– •  2  • –

There’s an engagement photoshoot included in all our half day and all day photography packages.

– •  3  • –

If you want a wedding album, it will look really good, and it will be unique to you – we design all our wedding albums from scratch.

– •  4  • –

We’re nice – that’s what people tell us at every wedding we shoot, we’ll be approachable to your family and friends.

– •  5  • –

We’ll be flexible during your big day – we know that we can get the photos that we need, without taking up your whole day.

– •  6  • –

We actively encourage family and friends to ask us if they want photos with family members or groups of friends.

– •  7  • –

We work very hard all day – this is what our brides, grooms, bridesmaids and parents of the bride and groom tell us.

– •  8  • –

Being the centre of attention on your wedding day can be intimidating, for brides, grooms, bridesmaids and best men.

It’s often said that we put everyone at their ease, including family members.

– •  9  • –

We’re pretty fast at getting through those group photos, as there’s always two of us, and we have a lots of experience at getting groups organised.

We think group photos are special, as there are lots of family and friends together, all looking their very best.

– •  10  • –

We always work with brides and grooms on the photos that they’d like.

We can make suggestions of which photos may be more important than others.


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