Profile photos – the benefits of being recognised

We can all recognise historical figures from their painted portraits, famous historical characters such as William Shakespeare or more recently, Vincent van Gogh. Although they may have been posed by the painter (himself, in Van Gogh’s case), or have wanted to be in a particular pose, we can get an idea of their characteristics and can make some deductions about them.

Even if the painter of the portrait may have been asked to enhance their subject in some way, I expect that if we met most of them in real life we’d be able to recognise them. We may have been in awe of some of these historical characters, but at least we’d have had some idea of what they looked like, so even if we approached them full of awe, at least we’d have the advantage of knowing how they looked.

What do we take from these thoughts?

It must make sense to have a good, professional photographic portrait, if we want to make ourselves appear approachable to potential clients and people who may want to work with us, or use our services. A good photographer will make sure that the photos they take of their subjects will make you recognisable to anyone.

Honesty and looking good

If you look like your portrait photo (or a popular term – ‘headshot’) when you meet a new person for the first time they should be reassured that if you’ve been honest with your profile photo. They’ll believe that this honesty would also apply to any dealing that you’ll have with them – good photographers will aways make you look your very best too.

Are you happy with your profile photo?

I’m not asking if you’re happy with how you look, I think many, or most of us are never going to be too happy with how we look. If you’re happy that your photo looks professional and is a good likeness of you, that’s great.

Ready for a new profile photo?

If you are unsure about it, maybe it’s time to look into getting a new photo done. The thought of having a portrait shoot done can be intimidating, so it’s important to choose a photographer that is going to be friendly and will put you at your ease.

Where can I be photographed?

Photographers may well be happy to come to your workplace, and that may be convenient for how you work. Alternatively, going to the photographer’s studio, or to somewhere away from your workplace may mean that you won’t be distracted by work.

How long will a profile photo take?

Photo portraits don’t need to take a long time, we often visit a clients at their offices or workplaces, or at their homes – if that’s where they work from. We can find a good backdrop, whether that’s a light coloured wall, a desk or something that typifies the job that they do, we can also bring a backdrop. If you’re a really busy person, we can take your photo in five to ten minutes. Here’s an example of how quickly we can shoot. We get everything set up and ready then take your picture. We can be that quick and unobtrusive.

Although we can work very quickly, a typical shoot would take 30-45 minutes – we’re not in a rush, and will work with clients to get the photos that they’re happy with.

Photographing more than one person

We are experienced in photographing more that one person in a shoot – it can often make people feel relaxed if one of their colleagues or a friend is going to be photographed too.

Profile photos for lots of people

Are you setting up a staff photo board for your office or in the reception area of your building, or getting everyone’s photo on your website? We can do that at your workplace, and work very fast – your workplace will be disrupted as little as possible. We will shoot and process all the staff photos in a standard style, and make them all the same size, so that it’s easy for the web person to upload them, or that there’s a continuity on the staff photo board.

How much will my profile photo cost?

Your profile photoshoot will cost £75, if there’s two people it’ll be £105 (there’s not too much price difference, as the set-up is pretty much the same). We’re happy to come to your workplace for the same cost, if you’re in the Watford, Hemel Hempstead or St Albans area.

Profile photo prices for larger amounts of people

If you need profile photos for your workforce, a management team or directors, we’d normally come to your workplace. Our cost for up to five people would be £175. Large amounts of staff would be charged by time, typically £325 for a half day (up to three hours), and £435 for a full day (up to six hours).

What do you get?

Included in all these costs are the photoshoot, editing and sending all photos at full, medium & small sizes – to work in different settings – normally large for print with medium of small for web and social media.

Want to benefit from being recognised in your profile photo?

Contact us with any questions and for appointments We’re approachable, and promise that we won’t give you a hard sell. If you phone the office, you’ll speak to Jayne (Office Manager), Edna or me). There’s also Edna’s mobile 07971 813850, the email, or my mobile 0777 999 1551. We’ll also pick up your message on Facebook or Twitter or LinkenIn.

John Williamson